LSI Media Facility

Overview of Services 



Princeton staff and students may order items from our media facility.

  • What you read in the protocol link is what you get.
  • Please order several days in advance.                              
  • New/different protocols are accepted but must be approved by Sandy before ordering.
  • See Full media list link, below, for all available protocols.

Agar media can be ordered as 500ml in 1L bottles, or as poured plates.

  • Minimum order, 1 batch = ~120 10cm plates or ~300 6cm plates.
  • 35mm plates also available.

Getting Started

  • Princeton Clients: If you already have an account, log in (upper right corner) and go to the Request Services tab.  If you are a new user, log in (upper right corner) using a valid Princeton ID.
  • Non-Princeton Clients: If you already have an account, log in (upper right corner) with approved iLab credentials.  If you are a new external user, Register to setup an iLab account.
  • Visit the iLab Help Site or Customer Help Manual for further guidance using iLab's Core Facility Services.



Core Staff

Sanford Silverman
Operations/Purchasing Manager
Phone: 609-258-8585


Lubica Kovac
Media Preparation
Phone: 609-258-9376

Location and hours of operation 

Hours Location

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  *Call for changes

Icahn 072

Links and Resources

  1. Full media list


Name Role Phone Email Location
Sanford Silverman



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