Chemistry General Instruments Core Facility

Overview of Services

The general instruments core facility consists of eight instruments specifically designed for 24 hour “Walk-Up” operation by Chemistry Researchers. A brief operational training, on any of the instruments, can be provided by staff, on an as need basis, during normal working hours.

Responsible Staff for this General Instruments facility is Dr. John Eng; office: B-11;

The location of the instruments, are in Frick Chemistry Laboratory, Basement level B-08: (Pictured below)

All users must swipe your ID card upon entering the room, at the entrance Kiosk Computer Terminal and sign out upon leaving for the time used on the specific instrument. Instructions are posted on the Kiosk.


John Eng, Director, Mass Spectroscopy and Small Instrument Core Facilities

Venu Gopal Vandavasi, Analytical Spectroscopist

Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

Independent use: 24/7
Staffed: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5 PM

  Princeton University -- Department of Chemistry
  Frick Laboratory, B08
  Washington Road
  Princeton, NJ  08544


Links and Resources

  1. Chemistry General Instruments Webpage


Name Role Phone Email Location
John Eng
Director, Mass Spectroscopy and Small Instrument Core Facilities
B11 Frick Chemistry Lab
Venu Gopal Vandavasi
Analytical Spectroscopist
B22 Frick Chemistry Lab