Small Instruments Core Facility


Important Notice: COVID-19

Frick Chemistry Laboratory has temporarily halted research operations due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frick Chemistry’s core facilities, including NMR, mass spec, biophysics, small instrument, X-ray, small molecule screening and laser are currently shutdown until further notice.

Any updates on the situation will be communicated promptly through iLab and departmental emails. 


Welcome to the Princeton Small Instruments Core Facility!

The Small Instruments Core Facility houses a wide range of instrumentation dedicated to support both vibrational and electronic spectroscopy.

Facility Use

To request training, consultation, and/or assisted services, please contact the core director.  The Small Instruments Core Facility does not currently accept reservations via iLab, this page is for informational purposes only.

About the Facility

The Small Instruments Core Facility is available 24/7 to fully trained and authorized users. 

Staff assisted servicse are available Monday - Friday from 8:30am-5pm.

Instrumentation Available

 Ground State Electronic Spectra

  • 8453 UV-VIS (Diode Array)

o   Routine instrument with a single 1 cm sample holder

  • CARY 5000 UV-VIS

o   Equipped with a QUANTUM Northwest Dual Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holder for Protein (or RNA/DNA) Stability; Melting; and aggregation measurements. Additionally an Integrating Sphere accessory is available for highly Turbid and/or high OD samples for this instrument

  • CARY 60 UV-VIS

o   Standard instrument for absorption and kinetics measurements

  • CARY Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrometer

o   Routine fluorescence measurement with a 1 cm sample holder

Ground State Vibrational Spectra

  • IN10 Microscope

o   Manual sample stage IR microscope

  • IS50 FT-IR

o   Research grade FT-IR with ATR and Transmission sample holder

  • Nicolet 6700 FTIR

o   Research grade FT-IR with ATR sample accessory

  • Nicolet DXR Raman

o   Raman instrument with 180 backscatter sample collection

Contact Information

John Eng, Director, Mass Spectroscopy and Small Instrument Core Facilities


Venu Gopal Vandavasi, Analytical Spectroscopist


Location and Hours of Operation


Assisted Services    8:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Unassisted/Self-Use for approved and trained users   24/7


Frick Chemistry Laboratory, B08





Name Role Phone Email Location
John Eng
Director, Mass Spectroscopy and Small Instrument Core Facilities
B11 Frick Chemistry Lab
Venu Gopal Vandavasi
Analytical Spectroscopist
B22 Frick Chemistry Lab